A Maths drawing

Maurits Cornelis Escher, known by its initials, MC Escher (born 17 June 1898 - d. 27 March 1972) was an artist, engraver and illustrator from the Netherlands . He lived for many years in The Hague, where a museum was opened in his honor, the Escher Museum.
His most famous works have as a starting point impossible objects and optical illusions.
Our question is: what famous Mathematical object can you see in this drawing?

The official Escher site is here.


  1. It reminds me of the video you made with your students.: Moebius Band, wasn't it?

  2. Right! Thank you for remembering the video and for the answer!

  3. More about the Moebius strip and the source of the image at http://www.cut-the-knot.org/do_you_know/moebius.shtml

  4. How tricky translation can be! According to my answer, Moebius had a music group, like Rolling Stones!It's quite clear "strip2 is the good one. Thanks

  5. No, it's called either way, you were not wrong at all. :)