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It is very nice to feel the work we are doing is appreciated. Congratulations to our partners in ATOM because they have been awarded for their last year work.
Enjoy the moment!

Project of the month in Spain

Hi everyone,

our project is voted project of the month in Spain.

Click here to see the full text!


A Piece of Pie in...

Here is our next collaborative task. It's for all the teams to solve and put it in a nice form. Enjoy it!

A Piece of Pie in...



Task from Ávila

Projects are a virtual journey into the partners' towns and lives. But, it would be nice to meet face to face. Just in case, here you have a possible way to get money.

We hope you enjoy it.


Maths contest in Matera

Yesterday an important Maths contest took place in our school. It was the Semifinal of the International Contest of Maths Games, organized by the prestigious Italian Bocconi University - Milan.
444 students joined the event, from 11 to 19 years old, 103 were from our "Liceo Duni"!
A great Maths festival!!


Italy is 150 years old!

Today we celebrate the 150th year of national unity. A great holiday! We are so proud of being Italian, European and world citizens!

Maths and Crochet

An unusual way of modeling non-Euclidean Geometry, in fact the only way to make a physical model of hyperbolic space that allows us to feel, and to tactilely explore, the properties of this unique geometry: crochet. You can see more and read about it here.
Since March is woman's month, here is one more homage to the women Mathematicians- and one more of their contributions!


Our Book

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, here is our collaborative Fibonacci poems book.
I think it's a nice project outcome and a good illustration of the "unity in diversity" concept.
Many thanks to all the teams for their wonderful work!

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Matera answer to the Bucharest task


Pi Day art exhibition

Students were required to make as many representations of Pi as they could, using recycled material from home: pieces of cardboard, cloth, threads, bricks, paper and so on.
We defined Pi in the English class and we talked about its use.

Answer to the Romanian task from Amsterdam

Here is the answer from Amsterdam to the Romanian task. It was a nice task to do!

Happy Pi-day from Amsterdam

The math task from Italy

Task From Italy

Happy Pi Day from the native speakers!

In Greek π is pronounced almost as "p". A little team research led us to a mnemonic called piphilology, that is how to memorise the first digits of the endless constant π. Here goes one we liked:
Ἀεὶ ὁ Θεὸς ὀ Μέγας γεωμετρεῖ,
τὸ κύκλου μῆκος ἵνα ὁρίσῃ διαμέτρῳ,
παρήγαγεν ἀριθμὸν ἀπέραντον,
καὶ ὅν, φεῦ, οὐδέποτε ὅλον θνητοὶ θὰ εὕρωσι
The Great God applies geometry forever;
To define the length of the circle using its diameter,
He produced an infinite number,
Which, alas, mortals will never find in its entirety.
The image comes from a 13th century manuscript in France, depicting Christ as a geometre, and it seems to suit the above mnemonic well.




Maths and chocolate

Here is how maths can be more tasty!

The answer from Bucharest to the Dutch task

The realy hard part was to solve and explain this with/to 6th graders: no functions, no derivatives, they don't even know radicals yet. But, some parts were very fit into the syllabus, and the anticipation of Pi was useful to the project.
Thanks, Dutch team...but we're exhausted! :)
I hope it's OK!


The bread of Matera

Bread is an important symbol of Matera. Its culture has got deep roots in the city's history. Bread is produced by skilled masters with hard wheat flour, according to a very ancient recipe.
It has been at the heart of the city life for centuries and it is still the "sacred" food on families' dining tables.
Up to the 1950s housewives used hard wooden stamps to mark their loaves so as to recognize them once baked. Numerous stamps ar still on display at Museo Archeologico Nazionale Domenico Ridola of Matera.
Luca has made this video to share our tradition with you.
The soundtrack is a traditional folk song in Matera's dialect


Dutch answer to the Greek task

Here our answer to the Greek task. In two parts: how we worked and a little video of the answer!

Women's (mathematicians') Day!

'I am in my own right a whole person, responsible to myself alone for all that I am, all that I say, all that I do. When I add the sum total of my graces, I confess I am inferior to no one."
Declared in the 18th century by  Marquise Emile du Chatelet, one of the few mathematicians prior to women's liberation. With her you can see Lord Byron's daughter, Ada Lovelace, the Russian Sophia Kavolevsky, and the ancient Greek Hypatia of Alexandria.
Happy Women's Day to our AToM females!

March, 8th

For Librarians, Mathematicians, English teachers, girls and women in our schools. For those men who understand Gender Equality has to become a live reallity.

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Dutch answer to the Czech Task

Here you can see our answer to the Czech task.



Matera, our hometown

Pauline and Letizia have made a small video to show you Matera, our hometown.

We hope you'll like it!

Maths task from Amsterdam for Bucharest

Cultural Flavours - Packaging

Here is the maths task from Amsterdam for the Bucharest students. Have fun with it!