and we met.

....and we met. Such as scheduled, we met at 10:00. Students were excited to meet their partners again. And, why not to mention it?, a bit sad because it could be the last meeting.
On Tuesday we had an extra lesson to prepare the video with our rap. We know we are not good rappers, but we tried. Who knows, perhaps next time it will be better.
Here it is what we rapped for YOU:


One more time...

We are meeting online tomorrow, February 15th, for one more videoconference, to celebrate our project. Despite the snow and blizzard, I hope the Internet can bring us tomorrow one more time! The preparations are ready: riddles, songs, videos... Looking forward to it!

...to be continued...



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I have just been announced that ATOM is a finalist in the European Prizes this year, in the 12-15 years old category.

Congratulations and a big"Thank you!" to all the teachers and students! Looking forward to seing you soon!