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I have just been announced that ATOM is a finalist in the European Prizes this year, in the 12-15 years old category.

Congratulations and a big"Thank you!" to all the teachers and students! Looking forward to seing you soon!



  1. Congratulations to everybody and special thanks to Irina.

    See you all soon

  2. A year has passed and our students have grown up. Still, the excitment in all teams can be guessed. Well done ATOM students! The Elefsina teachers

  3. Congratulations to all who were involved in this wonderful project!
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed to win the first place! I think the biggest prize is that all teachers will remain (all their efforts, their knowledge) in the hearts of children and that the seeds they put in their hearts will grow after years…
    Milena Vonica

  4. Thank you, Mrs. Vonica. It's a pleasure working with such students. Thank you also for your support as a participant's parent!
    Let's hope! :)
    Irina Vasilescu