Back from Antalya

Dear friends

finally we are back home safe and sound and almost in time!
I and my students really cherish the best memories from you and your students as also from the whole event which was an unforgettable experience for everyone .
I definitely have to convey to Helen and Efi my best thoughts feelings and memories for all of you because you really really deserve it.
We are sincerely open to a new collaboration in the future with all of you hoping to meet again very soon
Lots of love
PS : Unfortunately the videos I’ve taken are very dark I really don’t know why so perhaps I can send you a sample and decide if you really want to upload them otherwise we have to ask the presentations from Sylvia or eTwinning blog?



One more reward !

On the 26th of April the Pomegranate Team was awarded by the Minister of Education for the distinction of ATOM. Half of us, without Eleni and our kids, that  were having the time of their lives in Antalya, tried to explain what ATOM meant to us : Here it is !


Fibonacci Poems made in Berlin

Here is a short Mixbook with Fibonacci Poems made by eTwinning teachers in Berlin. They are not about food, but about eTwinning and the conference in Berlin. All poems were made within 5 minutes during our workshop.

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Here are some of our project's ingredients:


The Pomegranate team is working together again

Enthusiasm is back but with a taste of sadness as ATOM is close to its end
Since we won’t be able to be in Berlin, we ‘re sending some crafts representative of the work done through this year .
And here is what we ‘re talking about:
  • The ATOM fractal tree – a way of depicting our collaboration
  • Candies wrapped with our tweets
  • The ATOM cups
  • Eratosthenes’ sieve : an ancient way to find the prime numbers
  • Archimedes’ Stomachion : miniatures of a 2300 years old puzzle
  • Pythagoras’ figure
  • Shards with ancient geometrical patterns (called “ostraka” in Greek)
  • Sous-verres with Greek pi mnemonic rule
  • Pastry coloured pi-s ( unfortunately not edible )

Kids looking forward to meeting you all in Antalya !




personalized greetings

We are winners of the European Prize in the 12-15 years old category! See the announcement on the eTwinning portal here.

Congratulations and many thanks to all the participants! Looking forward to meeting you in Berlin!


and we met.

....and we met. Such as scheduled, we met at 10:00. Students were excited to meet their partners again. And, why not to mention it?, a bit sad because it could be the last meeting.
On Tuesday we had an extra lesson to prepare the video with our rap. We know we are not good rappers, but we tried. Who knows, perhaps next time it will be better.
Here it is what we rapped for YOU:


One more time...

We are meeting online tomorrow, February 15th, for one more videoconference, to celebrate our project. Despite the snow and blizzard, I hope the Internet can bring us tomorrow one more time! The preparations are ready: riddles, songs, videos... Looking forward to it!

...to be continued...



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I have just been announced that ATOM is a finalist in the European Prizes this year, in the 12-15 years old category.

Congratulations and a big"Thank you!" to all the teachers and students! Looking forward to seing you soon!