2 tto on a trip to Nemo

2tto on a Trip to Nemo


Speaking of patterns

Speaking of patterns, here is a great BBC series:The Story of Maths.
Enjoy it!


Symmetry- 2

Our photos, and a few explanations too.

Matera in Spain

There is a weekly section in our newspaper EL PAÍS. The section is called El Viajero: the Traveller. There was an article about Matera this week explaining everybody about the geography and the town.
I read it and I felt I knew the place. It can only mean that projects can make an influence on partners.

To the Italian team and their beautiful town.


Geometry in town. Elefsina

This is the result of a couple of walks around our school. There is more to come, but we are in exam period and must concentrate on that for the time being. This is a really fun task!
Some photes are from the wonderful ebook about our town's museum and archeological site. Browse through it here!


A piece of pie in Ávila

Although late, we have finally finished the task. Photos, research on prices, calculations already done. Here you have our results. No real pie for us this time.


Last task

Maths is around us. It's time to start the last task! You are all invited to look for Maths around us. Maths is in our houses, in towns, in Nature and in Art. Take your photos to show us where it is hidden and publish them in a nice format!


Atom in Greek Student Festival 2011

It took us several hours of work to prepare an old table with wheels and paint it, so it would become the AToM exhibition table in the library. But when we were invited to show the project in the annual student festival in Elefsina, it proved really handy, with all the food and info about Maths and Cooking. Among other things, we made the Avila cookies again (thank you very much, Avila, and many thanks, once more, AToM mom for making them), the fractal salad, we offered a little port with walnuts, the prize for mathematical excellence in Trinity College, England, and added Eratosthenes' sieve, a nice way to find the prime numbers. Click here and see how many "holes" the sieve will have! Of course there were a lot of other things to include, from all countries, but...the table wasn't big enough, so visitors were prompted to visit the AToM blog.

Thank you Elefsina and Karvina!

Hi students and teachers from Elefsina and Karvina,

We would like to thank you for our presents. Here some photos of us receiving and using your presents!

Already in use! Photo taken by my 6-year old son...

Thank you!!!


Geometry in town

As we have already seen we are surrounded by geometry. Gathering these photos in a sunny evening walk was the beginning of our last task where symmetry, shapes, geometry will be explored.


how much? how many? quantity

Students had an assigment to do about quantity, countable and uncountable nouns. They went to the flea market one Friday and took photos to present their works. Here you have the results:
Meat in the market.
A day in the market