Atom in Greek Student Festival 2011

It took us several hours of work to prepare an old table with wheels and paint it, so it would become the AToM exhibition table in the library. But when we were invited to show the project in the annual student festival in Elefsina, it proved really handy, with all the food and info about Maths and Cooking. Among other things, we made the Avila cookies again (thank you very much, Avila, and many thanks, once more, AToM mom for making them), the fractal salad, we offered a little port with walnuts, the prize for mathematical excellence in Trinity College, England, and added Eratosthenes' sieve, a nice way to find the prime numbers. Click here and see how many "holes" the sieve will have! Of course there were a lot of other things to include, from all countries, but...the table wasn't big enough, so visitors were prompted to visit the AToM blog.

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