Happy New Year!

This is a slideshow of the live nativity scene "Crib of Love" held in the Sassi of Matera on the 29th December. It is said to be the largest live crib in Italy. A real Guinness!
Best wishes!!!


Happy New Year

Already the best wishes for 2011 from snowy Amsterdam.

The tree almost looks like a fractal in the snow! It is situated in the park behind our school.



The Dancing Beans

In a pot, there are 75 white beans and 150 black beans. By the pot, there's a bag of black beans. A playful chef takes out the beans from the pot one by one like this: he randomly picks two beans- if at least one is black, he puts it in the black beans bag and the other one (regardless of its colour) back into the pot. If both beans he picked are white, he throws them away and puts a black bean from the bag into the pot.
Each time he does that, the pot holds fewer beans, and in the end only one bean is left in the pot. What is its colour?


Xmas Greetings from Elefsina

On the twelfth day of Xmas, my true love gave 2 me
Twelve perfect numbers,
Eleven loops a-leaping,
Ten tangents touching, 
Nine diameters,
Eight hypercubes,
Seven spirals spinning,
Six Cantor’s circles,
Four fractal sets,
three dragon curves,
two square roots and an Axiom of geometry!



Here is a short and (hopefully!) sweet riddle, since Christmas time is a time for sweets: if in a box there are 24 dark chocolates, 12 milk chocolates and 4 white chocolates, what is the probability I pick up a milk chocolate?
If I put my chocolate back into the box and take out another one, what is the probability I pick a milk chocolate again?
The image is created by Armand.

A Christmas card


The Italian students introduce themselves

Here are some presentations from Matera students. More on the TwinSpace.


Get a Voki now!


Get a Voki now!


Get a Voki now!


Logo Contest

Hi everyone,

It's time to vote!! Not all logos are in, but the voting can already begin for the Dutch, Romanian and Greek logos. There are also logos on the Twinspace from Italy and the Czech Republic. The logos of Spain will be ready after the weekend.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may we have your votes?

Here we are in Bucharest, voting for the logos!


Class Logo from Avila

Although we are still on holiday, I contacted the Art teacher. He could only send me the class logo. Let me explain you how they work. first they have a brainstorming to get ideas. then, they choose and work on it, making it part of the Art syllabus. The, they have individual samples. this is the one they agreed on. Students are still working on their individual ones.

This is everything we can present now.

Have a nice evening.



Logos from Amsterdam

Here are three of the logos from Amsterdam. The rest is on the Twinspace


Logos from Matera

Here is one of Matera students logos! We can find some more in the TwinSpace.