Happy Easter from Amsterdam!

Hi everyone,

we want to wish you all a happy easter!

Or as we say it in Dutch:


Happy Easter from Greece!

We wish you a most pleasant Easter with lots of new tastes! Look out for our parcels. The Pomegranate team.


Thanks from Matera

Thank you for the wonderful book!
It was so exciting to turn over the pages with our poems!
Working together at this project was really interesting!
Thanks from our school!

Happy Easter!

You can also click here to play the puzzle.
We wish all our partners happy holidays and a wonderful Easter!
The Bucharest team.


Our own

Nothing better than our opinion and vote to grant our work an award. And in this way our Blog superemacy has been stated by ourselves in the survey.

Feeling curiosity about something is the beginning of research. Maths is the main goal of our curiosity. Does it mean a great bunch of Mathematicians will be born from this project?

Feeling proud of our work is a way to encourage ourselves and to thank people in the teams. But, never forget teams are groups of people in communication.


Thanks from Ávila

Thank you very much from our principal, our group and the whole school. We had a visit from the principal to present your gift, to congratulate all the collaborators and to encourage us to go on working together.

It's a really good work! congratulations


Pi(e) Day Flashmeeting

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Thank you very much for the photos. It was very nice meeting almost everybody there, but it will also be nice going through these moments again.

Thanks from Bucharest!

We were very happy and proud to get the Fibonacci book today. Seeing all in print , our partners' creations and our names there made our work and our collaboration very real. A big "thank you" to all the partners for making this possible and one more to the Dutch team!
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