A timeline seemed a good idea to present our project, as a whole, and let us reflect on its trajectory. New events will be added, as they take place, but for now...here it is.


Back from Antalya

Dear friends

finally we are back home safe and sound and almost in time!
I and my students really cherish the best memories from you and your students as also from the whole event which was an unforgettable experience for everyone .
I definitely have to convey to Helen and Efi my best thoughts feelings and memories for all of you because you really really deserve it.
We are sincerely open to a new collaboration in the future with all of you hoping to meet again very soon
Lots of love
PS : Unfortunately the videos I’ve taken are very dark I really don’t know why so perhaps I can send you a sample and decide if you really want to upload them otherwise we have to ask the presentations from Sylvia or eTwinning blog?