The Pomegranate team is working together again

Enthusiasm is back but with a taste of sadness as ATOM is close to its end
Since we won’t be able to be in Berlin, we ‘re sending some crafts representative of the work done through this year .
And here is what we ‘re talking about:
  • The ATOM fractal tree – a way of depicting our collaboration
  • Candies wrapped with our tweets
  • The ATOM cups
  • Eratosthenes’ sieve : an ancient way to find the prime numbers
  • Archimedes’ Stomachion : miniatures of a 2300 years old puzzle
  • Pythagoras’ figure
  • Shards with ancient geometrical patterns (called “ostraka” in Greek)
  • Sous-verres with Greek pi mnemonic rule
  • Pastry coloured pi-s ( unfortunately not edible )

Kids looking forward to meeting you all in Antalya !

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