our partners

It is very nice to feel the work we are doing is appreciated. Congratulations to our partners in ATOM because they have been awarded for their last year work.
Enjoy the moment!


  1. Thank you very much, it's nice to get recognition for our work.
    Yo are right, ATOM is good prize material too, but...

  2. That is really funny! You have been doing the exact same thing as I did yesterday! I think I have the same screenprints. I have one of Natalie too, who joined us at the flashmeeting.
    We are very proud of our partners: Helen, Maria Teresa and Irina!

  3. so, it means that the collaboration spirit is kicking and alive! I'm really happy. I also had a screenprint of Natalie but it was not a very good one. It was not clear enough!
    Let's make of "sharing" our meeting point!
    Congratulations to our partners and very especially to our students.

  4. Thanks everybody for congratulations.
    I think best results are due to a good cooperation. So let's go on with our work and let's keep our fingers crossed!