Task from Ávila

Projects are a virtual journey into the partners' towns and lives. But, it would be nice to meet face to face. Just in case, here you have a possible way to get money.

We hope you enjoy it.


  1. Nice task and very well fit into our syllabus. We have to start thinking about fundraising methods! :)

  2. you see, ther could be a possibility!

  3. Hi Valentina, this was a nice task! Contrary to the other task, I didn't let my students bring so many potatoes to school ;)
    I will post the answer as soon as the Czech team solved it. We don't want to spoil their fun!

  4. thanks Erik for waiting. I'll speak to Sergio, the Maths teacher. He's not at school at the moment because of eye surgery, but I'll contact him.

  5. Mihnea and AndreiMarch 29, 2011 at 3:40 AM

    This fundraising problem is very interesting and we solved it in our maths class. We think that it is useful and funny. Thanks!