The answer from Bucharest to the Dutch task

The realy hard part was to solve and explain this with/to 6th graders: no functions, no derivatives, they don't even know radicals yet. But, some parts were very fit into the syllabus, and the anticipation of Pi was useful to the project.
Thanks, Dutch team...but we're exhausted! :)
I hope it's OK!


  1. Nice work from Bucharest!!
    The answer is correct and presented in a nice way. I might go away from Vuvox ;)

    To your question about the wikipage. I think the table still can be correct, but there is a difference between the side and the ratio. They use the same letter a, but thers is a big difference. If the sides are a, then the ratio of the dodecahedron is not a (if you look at it like it is almost a circle).
    In the table, the right hand side column says that the sphere has the smallest ratio!

  2. Yes, you are right, and besides our solids had the same volume, not the same side.

    You should try Prezi, it takes a bit to get used to it, but it's worth the time. Besides, unlike Vuvox, you can download the presentation and show it offline, which is very handy. You can upload files and movies in it, it's more flexible than Vuvox.