The bread of Matera

Bread is an important symbol of Matera. Its culture has got deep roots in the city's history. Bread is produced by skilled masters with hard wheat flour, according to a very ancient recipe.
It has been at the heart of the city life for centuries and it is still the "sacred" food on families' dining tables.
Up to the 1950s housewives used hard wooden stamps to mark their loaves so as to recognize them once baked. Numerous stamps ar still on display at Museo Archeologico Nazionale Domenico Ridola of Matera.
Luca has made this video to share our tradition with you.
The soundtrack is a traditional folk song in Matera's dialect


  1. Thank you, Luca, for sharing this, it's great and we found many new things and many resemblances with our place.Bread is a very important, in a way a sacred food for us too, and one that has to be eaten at every meal.
    The story about the stamps is very nice and the song is great! What is the name of your dialect? Is it still spoken?
    Could you please post this video on the TS to, in Cultural Flavors?
    Thanks again.

  2. Our dialect is the Matera dialect and it is still spoken, even though teenagers use it less and less. Thank you for appreciating our traditions.
    I'm so glad you feel them so close to yours. This unites each other even more!


  3. Nice video Luca! We liked it very much in Amsterdam!