Happy Pi Day from the native speakers!

In Greek π is pronounced almost as "p". A little team research led us to a mnemonic called piphilology, that is how to memorise the first digits of the endless constant π. Here goes one we liked:
Ἀεὶ ὁ Θεὸς ὀ Μέγας γεωμετρεῖ,
τὸ κύκλου μῆκος ἵνα ὁρίσῃ διαμέτρῳ,
παρήγαγεν ἀριθμὸν ἀπέραντον,
καὶ ὅν, φεῦ, οὐδέποτε ὅλον θνητοὶ θὰ εὕρωσι
The Great God applies geometry forever;
To define the length of the circle using its diameter,
He produced an infinite number,
Which, alas, mortals will never find in its entirety.
The image comes from a 13th century manuscript in France, depicting Christ as a geometre, and it seems to suit the above mnemonic well.

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  1. We use mnemonics for memorizing the first digits of Pi, I even teach one to my students each year, although it's a piece of advice for teachers.