The Fibonacci poem from Greece



Bread, Beans

Poor man’s food

Savored once in ancient Greece

Wheat was gifted by the gods to us

Soup made of holy beans, raised the world’ s brightest brains whose methodology remains

Beans, Bread, as divine med, sent from heaven to heal and spread.
Wondrous works were read and made within philosophy’s array.



Και ψωμί

Ισοδυναμεί με ευχή

Στων τότε Ελλήνων το τραπέζι

Ευλογία των θεών, είν’ το «κρέας των φτωχών»

Σίτος, δώρο της θεάς, άρτος έγινε για μας, παντού δίνοντας ζωή, ανάλαφρη αναπνοή

Μαθηματικά μυαλά ξύπνησαν με όλ’ αυτά, και φιλόσοφοι μεγάλοι άρχισαν ανεμοζάλη στων επιστημών τον κόσμο όλα άλλαξαν διαμιάς κι έμειναν αθάνατα.


  1. Very nice! A question: would you advice the poem is written first in English or in our mother tongue? How did you do it?
    Thank you very much.

  2. Nice poem. I noticed we have a common word: ancient.
    It makes me think we all are thinking, more or less, about the same. And this quite natural since we are Europeans

  3. It wasn't easy. So my respects to the Spanish team. We did it in English first, knowing that it is easier to adapt it in our mother tongue. We decided to give the gist of it in Greek, so it isn't a word for word translation.