Geometry and us to thank the Greek team

We are the lucky winners! We got the parcel with the luck coin from the Greek team! Thank you very much. It was great fun to open the parcel and discover one by one the presents inside. We decided to go on with the fun and students made a drawing of themselves in Geometry World. Here you have the result. Enjoy it.

Geometry and us from Valentina Cuadrado on Vimeo.


  1. Along with the lucky coin (an old greek drachme, before the euro) we wish everyone in Spain as well as our other partners a very prosperous year! Pie cutting is still going on in our school, in the classes and in bureaus of education. The excitment of seeing who gets the coin still holds strong!

  2. We have a different tradition in our school, kids randomly pick a classmate to exchange gifts with. I wish I knew what you were planning, we could have done the same and include all the teams in the gifts exchange. My students would have loved it. Too late now.

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  4. We love your geometry people!! They are really great and seem happy! Fancy and funny, thank you very much!

    Natalie and Nick from greek (pomgranate) team!