Infected or curious?

This is part of a painting in Spanish Navy Museum at San Fernando. It shows: Churruca from Trafalgar battle story. He's holding a paper with some writing about Diferential Calculus, isn't he?


The mathematician could be working on the Unit Circle that explains the Trigonometric Functions.

Did I do well?

Now, you made me feel curiosity and found this site:


  1. I think that your answer on the Dutch painting is correct. And yes, it's calculus, and next to it maybe a drawing of sails! Amazing.
    This is great, because if you are "infected" (or even curious),you have big chances to "pass" it to your students. Imagine: even the English teacher thinks Maths can be fun,this is a strong argument! More than if a Math teacher says it!
    The site looks really interesting, I have to look it thoroughly. Thanks!

  2. This was also my idea. A unit circle to explain the sin, cos and tan functions!
    How nice that you are coming to enjoy mathematics!!!