A late Valentines gift...


Translation to English:

Entangled Möbiushearts
1. You need: a ruler, a pencil, a pair of scissors, glue and two pieces of paper (cut pieces out of a piece of A4 paper with a width of 4 cm. It works the best if the paper is red.
2. Draw on both pieces on both sides, parallel to the longest side, a line through the middle.
3. Make of both pieces a Möbiusring: bring the ends of one piece together and turn one of the ends half a turn to the right. Stick the ends together.
4. Bring the ends of the other piece together and turn one of the ends half a turn to the left. Stick the ends together.
5. You now have two Möbiusrings that are a mirror view of each other.
6. Stick the two Möbiusrings together. Do it so, that on the spot with the glue the two rings are perpendicularly on each other. Make sure that the square part, where the two pieces are together, is totally covered with glue.
7. Let your secret love cut both Möbiusrings along the lines drawn in step 2. Watch it: you have to cut everything, even the part where the two rings are glued together! The first Möbiusring is a bit difficult to cut, because you have to make a hole first with the scissors. The second one is easier.
8. The result: Two entangled hearts. A nicer way to steal someone’s heart is unthinkable!

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  1. Nice gift, thanks, Erik! It shows Mathematicians have a heart too-even two, if given glue and a pair of scissors!:)