Numbers Playground from Valentina Cuadrado on Vimeo.

A nice way to say goodbye to our partners seemed to be showing them how our first contacts with Maths, numbers, was. This is why we decided to go out to the playground again.
Childhood revised from the beginning when learning by imitation was the aim of the first game.
Coordination at jumping, counting and skipping together, a collaborative game where everybody is necessary. The last song was just a popular rhyme to choose a player, our presenter for us.
A combination of fun, maths, experiences and collaboration.
As Marta says, now it's your turn to play! Have a good summer!


  1. It's very nice and I particularly like associating Maths with games because I think Math is a game in itself.
    My kids said in surprise: oh, right! We never thought there was Math in hopscotch! :)
    Thank you.

  2. Me too played this games with my friends. It's a very nice video because it gives me a lot of emotions!!! :-))
    Rocco from Italy