2 students of 2tto Amsterdam in the Team Maths Challenge

Team Mathematics Challenge 2011

Thursday the 9th of June was the day of the big finals of the Team Mathematics Challenge. Four students of het HLW took part, two of the first grade of our Bilingual Education (Aissam and Akram) and two of the second grade (Manal and Lamyae).

The competition was held at the Cals College in Nieuwegein and the best teams from the Netherlands were present. In four different rounds they had to solve all kind of mathematical problems, involving big problems, cross calculation puzzles, head-to-head competition and a relay. Especially the last one was very nice to see: all students running from their place to the teachers and back again to solve as many problems as possible.

At the end of the day, all students received their certificates and prizes were handed out. It turned out that our team was at a well deserved 25th place of all the teams in the Netherlands!


  1. Congratulations for the contest, the good result and...the fun!
    Way to go, Manal and Lamyae!

  2. Congratulations to your team and to the teachers. It's always good to be among the best ones, especially f there is fun in!.