Ancient Egyptian Maths

The first sources about ancient Egyptian mathematics date to what is called the Middle Kingdom. One of the biggest resources we have for mathematical writing is the Rhind Papyrus, named after Alexander Rhind who purchased the papyrus in the 19th century and brought it to England. The papyrus is sometimes called the Ahmes papyrus after the scribe who wrote it.

In the opening paragraphs of the papyrus, Ahmes presents the papyrus as “inquiring into the knowledge of all things, mysteries and...all secrets”. The papyrus lists many problems covering topics in algebra, geometry and other areas in mathematics, including a problem that gives a good approximation of PI.

All the problems are related to practical matters and many of them are about fractions.

Mihnea, our group's Mathematician, will show you one of the problems for the Flashmeeting. And, to finish within the bread theme, it is related to bread!

Rhind Papyrus

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