The Pomegranate Team

Meet the Pomegranate Team in Elefsina, Greece. Chosen because it is a set with subsets and elements (the seeds), it also has a deep symbolism in our culture, which we will soon explain in Food for Thought.
Here are what our names mean in Greek:
  • Mother Earth
  • The manly one
  • The one who brings victory
  • The one who liberates
  • She who is born
  • The youthful one - new member!
  • God's gift
  • God is gracious
  • The one who is found
  • The Christian woman
  • The Luminous one -new member!
  • Ulysses
  • Two new members to join AToM!


  1. Hi Pomergranate team, we have just seen your video presentation! We enjoyed it a lot, thank you!
    The Bucharest team.

  2. What a wonderful presentation!! Especially the human logo!